How to Find a Good Physician


Finding a Good Doctor

 Finding a good thyroid doctor can be quite challenging. Here are some lists I have put together for you. I have also included a Stop the Thyroid Madness link on how to find a good doctor. There are some great tips in there.

A good starting point is checking the Dollars for Docs list to see how much money a prospective doctor may have received from pharmaceutical companies. I found the two endocrinologists I clashed with most locally on this list.

Dollars for Docs

Stop the Thyroid Madness

Naturopathic Doctor – Erica Peirson, ND

Thyroid Change Patient-Recommended Doctors

Thyroid friendly doctors (must be a member of this Yahoo Natural Thyroid Hormones group)

Mary Shomon’s list

NatureThroid doctors

Thyroid Info doctors

Generation Rescue

MedMAPS doctors
Clinician directory

DAN doctors

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