Thyroid Research Links

Mother, Child, Butterfly imageThyroid Research Links

Prevalence of Iron Deficiency in Down Syndrome

Newborn Screening Fails to Identify Hypothyroidism in Down Syndrome

T21 Causes Persistent Hypothyroidism


Fetal Brain Development as a Result of Thyroid

Neonatal Thyroid Function


Down Syndrome and Thyroid


Feingold, ADHD and Thyroid


Stop the Thyroid Madness Medical Research


Cardiovascular and Thyroid


Down Syndrome and Thyroid


Perinatal Asphyxia and Thyroid


Thyroid Hormone Regulates the Expression of the Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway


Thyroid Hormone Regulates Oxytocin Gene


Thyroid Hormones Serotonin


Thyroid Hormone necessary for response to SSRI


Regulation of Gene Expression by Thyroid


Thyroid Functions of Neonates in Down Syndrome


Dosing Thyroid Medication by TSH


Skeletal Development and Thyroid!po=19.1406


Salivary Cortisol in Children

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